Ali's itsy bitsy bites

Ali’s itsy bitsy bites “CALEXICO”

Its was Thursday night. Meeting my Italian friend Emilio. We decided to discover a new restaurant. We found Calexico a Mexican restaurant. They been opened from 3 weeks a go. Check my short video below

EditSimple menu

The call it chips, I call it tasteless

I like the drink, not to sweet and its refreshing. They call it “upper east side”

The crispy chicken taco was nice, but the beef taco was a mess of flavors.

 the main course was lamb  burrito. It was delicious but not worth it to pay 6 BD.

 We thought of trying their pizza because we still hungry.

anothe messy  dish,where the combination of flavors doesn’t go well with each other.

We ended or night with Churros. I cant say wow or bad but its ok. 

 Well all I can say, it’s nice sitting outside in the lovely weather, But its not worth it to pay big amount of money for a small portion of food.Sorry to say, Calexico you calexed my wallet


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