Ali's itsy bitsy bites

Ali’s itsy bitsy bites evaluation of “SHAKE SHACk”


At last after long time of waiting, finally we have Shake Shack in Bahrain. So let’s go and see why people  are crazy for SHAKE SHACK.


My order :
1- Shake Shack chicken.
1- Shake Shack beef Burger.
1- Shake Shack french fries.


I liked the fries. Crunchy from outside and soft  inside.


The shake shack burger:
I didn’t add any sauce with it. Just the original Shake Shack sauce. I loved the soft bread. The beef was crispy from out said and juicy from inside. But i didnt enjoy the burger because it was small and thin, comparing to the size of the bread and the salad filling.


The shake shack chicken:
The same soft bread. The chicken crust was well-fry, it tasted lemony with light spices. The chicken breast was so tender. But the flavor of the chicken was overpowered from the pickles.


It is expensive. I’m not satisfied of the price comparing to the size and the taste. Thank you SHAKE SHACK for shaking my wallet and you will not see it again. 😋



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