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Cookieman the evaluation of Rasoi


It’s Tuesday: 8:00: pm
Target – dinner

Curiosity kills the cat. After reading the articles about Chef Vineet and his two Michelin stars. I become curious like a cat and wanted to discover his cuisine.

From the time I entered Rasoi until I reached to my table,
I couldn’t stop looking all over the place, everything is eye-catching. A modern Indian design mixed with serene colors, dim and bright lights.
All this elements were in harmony with each other.
Wherever you are seated, you cannot miss out the huge view of the kitchen, and the three pots hanging from the ceiling.
Also they have a smoking area.
Nice Indian music was playing in the background, unfortunately you will lose the enjoyment from the customers echo which takes over the music.
It took me a while until I discovered the reason of not being comfortable, it’s because the tables stand was widespread hence, I couldn’t put my feet close together.
Stars: 8/10
I’m very impressed from the time I entered the restaurant. The waitresses looked very elegant with their, uniforms and grooming (don’t forget to check their funky shoes).
A warm welcome from everyone. Mr. Godwin with his lovely staff took care of me with their warm smiles and kindness. I enjoyed seeing all of them working in harmony with each other and attentive to all the customers. I really appreciated the effort that they took to serve me my request, even though it was a full house and they don’t serve it in that particular day, but they accommodated my request and served me the Chef Vineet tasting signature menu. They made my evening wonderful.
A high quality service, from the beginning till the end.
Stars :10/10

Well-designed and color blends. Prefect lighting. Although it was a full house but they kept it clean and dry.
The only thing I didn’t like about the toilet, was its location. The entry was close by to one of the dining table.
Stars 8/10

My target was chef Vineet tasting Menu MUGHLAI DAL SHORBA
Crisp vegetable fritters:
A simple dish but Very well presented. Beautiful colors that will make your eyes smile.
The mughlai dal shorba is light and smooth in the mouth. The ingredients are not powering each other. Be careful don’t let the little cute glass with delicious dal shorba aroma trick you, it can burn your tongue (ouch)
The crisp vegetable fritters, crispy from outside and soft from inside. That small ball can take you to the land of India.

Crisp almond crusted green pea tikki, Punjabi chickpeas,Sweetened yoghurt, tamarind chutney sorbet, sev sprinkle.
This dish was a beautiful work of art, it fascinated me for a while before I attacked it. I call this dish (The perfection battle). It’s sweet, sour, soft, crunchy, warm and cold. In every bite you will have your mouth glands amazed with an explosion of flavors. In this battle everyone is a winner.

Grilled Hammour, mango-almond-cous cous,Mangalorean gassi sauce,plantain crisp.
Well this is another dish that’s worth to look at with joy before you taste it with pleasure.
Honestly I’m not a fish or cous cous person, this dish changed my mind, and I relished it to the last bite.
What made me change my mind is that the three ingredients blended well together, but not individually.

Grilled ginger lamb chops, cinnamon lamb jus,Saffron upma, lamb samosa.
Well my joy ride got slowed down, as this dish made a scratch in my eyes. The presentation was unpleasant and messy.
The lamb chop was soft and well-seasoned and went will with the saffron semolina.
The lamb samosa didn’t add much to the dish, for me it was over powering the flavors of the lamb chops.

Saffron bread pudding ice cream
This dish made me feel like a little excited kid, who will make a big mess around his mouth, I love the simplicity and the combination between the dark and light colors.
I will be fair I’m not a chocolate lover. For me it had a sharp taste and little bit bitter. But for sure this chocolate piece will be a divine dish for chocolate lovers.
The saffron bread pudding ice cream was a happy ending for me. Smooth and creamy and not over sweet.
I will share a secret with you, I completely cleared my plate, and they don’t need to wash it. I made that chocolate my friend by mixing it with the saffron bread pudding ice cream, and you guess what happened after that.
Stars: 8.5/10

It’s a beautiful place that you can spend a lovely time with your family or for a romantic date. As I said from the beginning, Curiosity kills the cat, but this cat didn’t die, it had a happy ending.

$$$ Expensive

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