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Cookieman the evaluation of Cucina Italiana

Cucina Italiana
It’s Thursday: 730:pm
Target – dinner


looking at the restaurant from outside it can mislead your expectation about inside. The restaurant inside was marvelous.


Old world style with a modern touch. Dark wooden chairs, tables and leather seats blend very well with the red brick walls and the dim lighting.


A cool isolated smoking area with a bar.


You can’t miss the beautiful art of the Godfather, that carved on the wall it is unique I look at it as the signature of the restaurant.




It’s a friendly relaxing atmosphere, even it was a full house.

Feedback for the management:
1- The restaurant’s exterior needs to reflect the inside atmosphere.
2- Couldn’t enjoy the moment of being in the  Italian restaurant, because of the Latino music playing the whole night. I felt like I was in a Mexican restaurant.
3- To make sure the doors of the smoking area are closed in all the time, not only when the restaurant is full.
Stars: 8/10

I’m very impressed with the high quality service from the booking till the end of the service. The waitresses looked very elegant with their uniforms and grooming. Catherine with her warm smile, took care of my dinner service. She knew the menu very well. Catherine and her colleagues were attentive to all the customers with their kind smiles. They address you by your name . It gave the service a personal touch. I wanted to gives them 10/10 but they lost one star after not closing the door of the smoking area, even I brought it to their attention.
Stars: 9/10

The trip to the toilet is not boring. The toilets are located in the end of a long corridor. One said of the wall is covered with black & white pictures of Italy.



The toilet design in old classic Style with gold, white and brown was full house but the toilet kept clean and dry.


Feedback for the management:
this is only about the men toilet, not sure about the ladies toilet, it had a little bit of sewer smell.
Stars 7/10

while I was waiting for my order, they serve me a delicious soft bread with olive oil and balsamic on a wooden style plate. Very tasty.


Arancini: golden fried balls filled with mozzarella cheese. Presentation good and the balls looked delicious. Good portion and quantity. Unfortunately it was bland and need some more
seasoning. The cheese filling quantity was small, hardly can taste it.


Salad: insalata tuscanai, It’s a new dish : Charcoal grilled, seasoned mixed vegetables. It was light healthy and well-seasoned. A dish that you can enjoy with a smile. Well done Chef. Well presented and good size portion.


Main course:
Ravioli spinach: Individually created ravioli with a rich filling of cheese and poached spinach in a white sauce. This dish needs to be redone! Big portions, but small amount of cheese and spinach filling. Poor presentation. However I enjoyed the sauce, even it was not enough.



Pizza Norcina : Mozzarella, bresaol, beef salami and parmesan shavings. Another bland dish that needs to be looked into. nice crust.


Tiramisu : I’m not a tiramisu fan, but really a big thanks to Catherine for insisting to try it. It is so delicious, mouth-watering desserts. And the Strawberry sauce on the side, took this dish to a WOW level. Well Done Guys.


Feedback for the management:
1- The menu. as they say:” A picture is worth a thousand words “. I like to see what I’m going to order not to read what I will order.
2. The current menu has a lot of variety, made me got lost and forgot what I had chosen from start.
3- Some of the china service ware need to be changed, it give a poor presentation for the dishes.
4- Based on the dishes I ordered, they need some seasoning.
Stars 6/10

Cucina Italiana has a marvelous atmosphere, for a family or friends gathering. And good place to take a date as well.
This restaurant has the potential to be one of the leading Italian restaurant in Bahrain. From the Godfather and me, we wish you the best success.

$$$ reasonable

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2 comments on “Cookieman the evaluation of Cucina Italiana

  1. ohhhh i like italian food
    nice designe!


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