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Cookieman the evaluation of Le Meridien Hotel-Fizz Fare brunch

Le Meridien Hotel-Fizz Fare brunch
It’s Friday 1:pmTarget lunch


Because my friend Hamza couldn’t make it to the restaurant that he picked for lunch. I had chance and the opportunity to discover Le Meridien-fizz fare brunch
(thank you Hamza) 🙂


Elegant, neat and classy in every aspect from lighting, furniture to the table service ware add on that the nice live slow music. For sure your day will be lovely with this beautiful atmosphere, I was surprised to notice that from 1 p.m. till 3 p.m. the restaurant is almost empty!!


Feedback for the management:
1- The chairs are uncomfortable because of the short legs. It made the customers and myself cross our legs the whole time so we can be comfortable.
2- The location for the dessert selection is impractical. It’s located in the restaurant entrance.


In a busy day that area will get jammed, between customers coming in and out and the once selecting the dessert. It’s a tight area.
Stars: 8/10

As the restaurant was almost empty, my evaluation will be based on the waiters behaviour during this time. A warm welcome smile from Natalia, she made sure I got the correct table as per my request.


A qualified waiter was on hand all the time, smiling. Even though there were a small number of customers, the waiters were attentive with high standard service. Also Mr. Oliver, continuously checked on his customers. And being down to earth, he listened to all the feedback.


The chefs where available to serve and to assist for any enquiry.
Stars: 8/10

Fizze Fare Brunch. I can’t call it brunch but I can call it lunch. For me it was lunch buffet. The menu is interesting, with quite a lot of international variety foods. Indian, Japanese and Mediterranean, including a children section.






Most of the dishes were creative and well balanced.
Some of the dishes that got my tongue attention:
1 – Goat cheese: soft and smooth and it has a little bit of sweetness


2- Tuna chunks. Tender and it melt in your mouth.


3- Beef wrap: soft tender and juicy, with beautiful tasty black pepper gravy sauce


4- Lamb’s leg marinated in Indian gravy sauce
5- Lobster and shrimp: cooked perfectly with Arabic spices
6- Crispy duck: served with strawberry brown gravy.


From Appetizers to main course.
Stars 8/10

Dessert :
All I can say the dessert selection was good. A wide selection which included ice cream, cake, mousse, and fruit. Stars 6/10

Feedback for the management:
Some of the items not included in the brunch selections.
1 – A local dish
2- Arabic maizza hot or cold
3 – A selection of juices that customer can serve them self.
4- Dessert selection is built on chocolate. Most of the dessert made with chocolate. For chocolate lovers it will be heaven for them. The ratio was 70% chocolate dessert and 30% mix dessert without chocolate in it.
5 – Some of the desserts were situated at a low level. It was on a level with my knees.
Most of the brunches in Bahrain include what I have just mention above.



Even though it was the weekend and the hotel was very busy with customers, they managed to keep the toilet clean. Toilet design was simple.
Stars 8/10

The Restaurant has the potential to be one of the leading restaurants in Bahrain.
There are some key elements missing: Advertisement. Not a lot is known about this restaurant. I just walked in and made enquiries regarding the brunch on offer. The restaurant had no name on display anywhere. A 5 star hotel restaurant without a name. The first time I became aware of the name, is when I asked the staff. And following an internet search after obtaining the name, I still couldn’t find it. Even in TripAdvisor it was had to find

Fizz Brunch 30 BD expenses
Soft Brunch 20 BD reasonable

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