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Cookieman the evaluation of copper Chimney

Copper Chimney

It’s Friday 730:pm
Target dinner


soonest you reach up stairs, where the restaurant is, you will notice a very big chunky wooden Indian style door at the entrance. White walls and shiny, dark brown wood tables and heavy wooden chairs. You can see the tandoori oven with the chef preparing the dishes overlooking the dining area. The decoration is not fancy just very simple.
Stars: 5/10

The waiters are friendly and welcoming you with a big smile. Helpful at suggesting things to try and able to explain the dishes, if you are unfamiliar with Indian food.
Stars: 8/10



While you are waiting for your dishes they serve you, spiced poppadoms with sliced red onion pickled in vinegar, a minty yogurt dip, and lime pickle.


Mix grill:


Every piece is marinated in a different kind of a spices, very tasty.

Main course


Garlic butter Nann fresh and delicious.
Chicken Makahni currie : well balanced with the flavours.
Spinach with panner currie: a light  delicious vegetarian dish.
White rice: cooked perfectly.

The portions are generous enough to bring the rest back home.
Stars 7/10



Is located next to the entry door of the restaurant. It’s clean, but very small. Big guys, make sure you don’t get stuck inside.
Stars 4/10

There are many Indian restaurants in Bahrain, but few of them have the quality , and “Copper Chimney” is one of them.The menu is not flooded with a lot of dishes but it is reasonable.

$$$ reasonable

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