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Cookieman the evaluation of Monsoon

Its Friday 8: pm
Target dinner

The building look like one of the Royal Thai palaces. With water features in outside and inside, high ceilings. A very beautiful atmosphere as well.
Not many people there at that time, so it was rather quiet but it picked up when more people arrived.
I found the tables are very close to each other, so watch what you are saying. (The tables have ears).
Stars: 8/10

The staffs are friendly and the Service is great and fast, but you can lose that when the place gets packed. So Say goodbye to all the attentions that you had before.
Stars: 5/10

Not sure about the female’s toilet but the Male toilet is lacking in attention. Didn’t see any one taking care of the toilet. No tissue papers, all the boxes are empty, water was everywhere. Very dim lights so you don’t scare yourself on the mirror. The inside toilet door is confusing, not easy to lock. Even if you lock it, you can end with embarrassing moment, it’s easy to be opened with a good push from outside. My advice, make sure when you are sitting on the toilet to keep your hand on the door.
Stars 4/10

Well the menu is too long which going to take several hours from your time to see and to make a decision. They have too many dishes! The menu is essentially Thai, Japanese, Indonesian, Malay and something else. For sure you will gets confused with this Menu.
Each dish has a chili indication on the menu, so chose the way you want to blow up your mind. Our order was
TomYum soup: was nice creamy and spicy. But I had better Tom Yum in another places.
Teriyaki Salmon: boring and over cooked. There was no balance between the sweet teriyaki and the salmon

Fried rice: was very sticky, and oily and it had big chunk of chicken. Not interesting at all.
Stars 5/10

The place is elegant and classy, so the prices are expected to be quite pricey.

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