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Cookieman the evaluation of Uni Sushi

Uni Sushi
Target: Dinner, 8:30pm Thursday,
On entering, you can’t tell if it’s a building with 3 floors or if it’s a big villa with 3 floors, but for sure, what you cannot miss is the restaurant’s name hanging on a huge sign outside and almost covering the whole building.
The first thing you will notice when opening the door to enter is the back of the cash register. The entry area is small and very crowded area. The cash register is on your left, stairs on your right and someone welcoming you in the center. Behind him some guests are paying or leaving. There is a lot of activity happening in a small, tights space and so you need to be very careful when you are opening the door as you could potentially hit someone in the head. Also, tall people need to watch their heads when they are entering or leaving as they might leave without it!
From my point of view, there is no harmony with the decoration.
The tables and chairs they look cheap and there are bright white air conditioning units sticking out from the dark walls. They have replaced the chairs with sofas at some of the tables which were heavy to move.
Overall, the size of the dining room seems small compared to the size of the building.
Stars 3/10

The staff is friendly and helpful. The presentation of the menu on an iPad is a nice touch. I’m a person who likes to read and see what I will order.
Another nice touch is small service call device at each table, so you don’t need to raise your hand or wave to attract the waiter’s attention.
They definitely need to change the serving plates! My recommendation: Plain white.
Stars 5/10

Very simple and reasonably clean
Stars 5/10

Well, to have a good overview of their menu’s variety and taste, I ordered 32 pieces for BD19. By the way you can make your own 32 pieces if you don’t like the standard one presented on the menu.
My choise:
Dy tump
De franco
F. Anclur.
The portions are big; some of the pieces are outstanding and taste delicious! Some are average and a few are tasteless. My advice to the chef is to reduce the amount of rice as some of the pieces just taste of rice.
If your cheek muscles are not fit, you might end up with muscle cramps because of the rice.
Stars 6/10

The place is doing well but the decoration needs work. They also need to work on some of the flavors in their dishes and also update those serving plates!
If you are living in Raffia and don’t like to drive to Manama, but still fancy sushi with a reasonable taste and price, I recommend Uni sushi.
$$$ reasonable

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