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Cookieman evaluation of Tea Club

The tea club.
It was 11:30. Target lunch.

ATMOSPHERE: from the first step in I said: “WOW, beautiful. Its look like from one of the fairytale stories”. But the story ended when I sat down. The sofa had food crumbs and most of them had oil stains. Table are not designed to eat on it, they are very low and even the sofa, they are practical for beverages
Stars 6-10

Poor knowledge in serving. I’m not sure, if we had the look on our faces, that we are very hungry and we can eat a whole horse, or it’s just the chef woke up on the wrong side of his bed, they brought all the dishes we order in one through. (Appetizer-salad-soup- main course). When we asked them why? The answer was: “Actually this is the way we do it”. Every time they miss out something, they forgot to bring the soup spoon, offering black paper 10 minutes after I start having my soup and the paper napkins. The funny part is, there were only 7 customers in the whole place. The empty dishes where enjoying our company till we ask for the bill.
Stars 4-10

If you’re coming to a beautiful TEA CLUB make sure you wash your hands at home or get any hand cleaning products with you.
They spend a lot of money to make this place but they forgot about the toilets.
The only toilet you can use are outside on the 1st floor and the TEA CLUB, is in the ground floor. My advice, DON’T GO TO THE TOILETS THEY ARE NIGHTMARE.
Stars 2-10

1- Appetizer: stuffed mushroom (nice)
2-Salads: (tasteless)
3-Twin Arabia soup (not bad)
4- Mushroom pistachio ravioli (make sure you don’t have high blood pressure) very salty.
Stars 4-10
Overall the TEA CLUB is not a bad place but the management need to invest more in training their staff. If the toilet is out of reach to make it happen, a small place to wash the hand will be acceptable. Please do something about the sofa and the table, they are not practical to serve food on it. I ended with back pain.

Dear TEA CLUB, your beverages are great, you need to work hard to be food club.
$$$$$ expensive





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2 comments on “Cookieman evaluation of Tea Club

  1. Abdulla
    June 15, 2015

    Very nice food and good atmosphere thnks ali


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